About Jake

Hey guys! My name is Jake Eaves. I'm an 18 year old serial entrepreneur based in Sandy Springs, Georgia. When I turned 17, I realized that the 9 to 5 wasn't the path I wanted to follow and found my passion through entrepreneurship. I love self-improvement, reading, and helping others find their passion and achieve their financial goals.

As a Senior in high school; many students, parents and teachers have asked me what college I want to go to. And I have decided to take at least a gap year to focus on my passion. This year I'm working on building my marketing agency, personal brand, and possibly getting into real estate. In 2017, I spent most of my time reading and learning to improve my mental state and knowledge on starting a business. This year is all about applying what I have learned along with over 60 books on entrepreneurship. Want to follow my journey? Click on any of the social media links above to learn more. Check out my marketing agency here.


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If you have any questions or just want to reach out and say hey, please don't hesitate. I'd love to help out and get to know you! 

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